Online Tutoring – A Good Opportunity

Here, in Online Tutoring, the learners and the teachers are very far fro each other with difference in time, weather and all other factors. Online environment in education involves the distance learning and the use of LMS (Learning Management Systems, some time called the virtual learning environments. Online tutors determine the tone and the culture of online learning environment. The E-moderation is a synonym with online tutoring today. From the beginning of this sort of teaching process, the researchers had recognized there is an educational role, a managerial role, a social support development role and a technical support role involved in this tutoring.

This tutoring in higher studies is sometimes considered as an adult to adult guidance in a specific subject for the purpose of increasing the competence in learning in the specified areas of study. In this kind of teaching process, the tutor is supposed to be an academic, a lecturer or a professor having the responsibility of teaching degree or diploma courses in universities or any vocational teaching establishment. In the area of distance learning, the tutors are recruited for teaching & supporting the students through online tutoring. The tutor in this case is required to possess excellent communication skill online who can guide the learners studying online totally without any face to face interaction with the tutor.

It can be classified in to two categories – Tactical tutors and Strategic tutors. Tactical tutors responds to the student queries at the critical moments. If any thing goes wrong, the tutor needs the skill to recover and display the sensitivity during the interaction and progress. The strategic tutors plan in advance. It includes determination of the group size of the tutee. The smaller group size proves to be more trustworthy, but include less variety and cultural mix.

Tutors engaged in this kind of teaching process should be aware of the stages which a learner achieves in the environment of online tutoring. The stage determines the type of help which is appropriate for the students at every stage. The five learning stages are – Online Socialization, Access & motivation, Information exchange, Development and Knowledge construction. Online tutoring has a great scope for those who are willing to share their expertise and in the process, make an earning.