Why You Should Go to Law School

There are so many choices of studies at the College and University Level, it is amazing the options and recently I talked with a full-time Law Student at one of the top State Universities in the Nation. I must say I was impressed with her knowledge base and business acumen from her previous experience. I even thanked her for the excellent conversation and said; It is good to meet someone with their brain turned on.

In her last year of Law School she was reflecting back on the realities of such studies and I mentioned that I suppose if I were to go back to school that studying law might be a potential major. Why you ask? Why would an entrepreneur wish to go back to get a law degree? Well, a Law Degree can be used in nearly any field. For instance most people never use their major in employment and within 1-5 years only 20% of the people who have college degrees are in the same field as their diploma.

Interesting, but with law, it can always be used. So, getting a Law Degree and studying Law at a top Law School might be a very good choice, although there really are too many lawyers out there. So, here comes the advice; If you are really smart and cannot seem to choose a degree that suits you, then choose law, because it will always come in handy. Of course in saying this, I wish there were fewer lawyers in the World you see?

My hope is that you will use this article about Law School in a positive light and consider its implications in your life. I sincerely hope this topic is of interest and you use it to propel thought and think on this in 2007.