The Present Day Scenario Of Career In Law

Law is one of the most respected profession and lawyers are dignitary figures in society. They serve to maintain law and order through out the country. Since the ancient period, lawyers ameliorate the administrative system each time when it has been necessary to do so. Each and every aspect of the society is associated with our legal system. There is no such sector which is void of legal administration.

But still in olden days lawyers were under privileged. Very few people from elite class were able to acquire the degree of law. They use to study law in European universities. The scope of law study was very low and it was a very costly affair for common people.

Today legal world is narrating an entirely different story. The corporate sector with its frantic growth requires legal advice every moment.

The government sector is offering many judicial vacancies to law graduates. Requirement of public prosecutors for speedy justice also seeks recruitment. Private sectors in order to be in the run with competitive market always prefer to recruit lawyers as advisory body for their business.

The world with its meteoric growth in science and technology and commercialization, is also paving the way for law professional. The law professional have to deal with loads of litigations regarding IP rights to secure one’s invention.

Legal consultation is acquiring a dominant position in the commercial sector.

Today legal process outsourcing is emerging as a very promising industry. Due to recession most of the developed countries like US and UK are keen to outsource their legal activities in order to minimize the operational costs related with legal issues. The law graduates have an ample scope to display their endeavor and attain a desired level of efficiency. The most important thing regarding the outsourcing business is that there is compliance among the law prevailing in the client countries (US and UK) and the outsourced country. An example to this is the law in US; UK and India are common to a great extent. So the law graduates can smoothly handle different cases.

Thus, profession of law is not restricted to the court room only. The graduates and students are getting chance to boost their careers in the field of law. There are different avenues for lawyers and they have to choose it according to their inclination.